Central Laboratory for Environmental and Water Quality-Monitoring (CLEQM)

A number of objectives with regard to the CLEQMs role and functions in implementing its comprehensive environmental quality monitoring program have been establish, including sampling, laboratory analysis, data processing, interpretation and research, and reporting and publication.


  • CLEQM undertake a variety of activities to accomplish its goals
  • Accommodate all analytical requirements of the NWRC on physical, chemical, organic, inorganic, microbiological and pesticide and herbicidal properties and/or contents of water, soil and plant tissues
  • Provide timely, high quality, analytical services
  • Generate and publish basic information which can be used by a wide variety of decision makers
  • Create a data bank which will be accessible to all organizations concerned with water quality
  • Assist the MWRI with water resource control and protection through the implementation of Law 48
  • Advise the MWRI and the NWRC on specific problems upon request
  • Assist with the development of water quality protection guidelines based on specific monitoring research tasks.
  • Assist with the development of regulations and standards for future pollution prevention.



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