Special Units

 Strategic Research Unit (SRU)

The Strategic Research Unit carries out strategic research that supports the planning and management of the different water resources utilizing comprehensive approach that includes the environmental and socio-economic aspects as a basis to draw the national water policy and strategy guided by the National Water Research Center research plan pillars.  


 Laboratory for Environmental Quality Monitoring (CLEQM)

A number of objectives with regard to the CLEQMs role and functions in implementing its comprehensive environmental quality monitoring program have been set up, including sampling, Laboratory analysis, data processing, interpretation and reporting and publication. CLEQM accommodates all analytical analysis on physical, chemical, organic, inorganic, microbiological and pesticide and herbicidal properties and / or contents of water, soil and plant tissues.

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 Geographical Information System (GIS) Unit

The basic task of this unit is to construct the Geographic Information System (GIS) for the water map of Egypt. The map requires a great deal of continuous efforts in collecting, organizing and processing related information, including maps of different scales and backgrounds and the spatial data of the irrigation system and drainage systems, and different types of pump stations and barrages.


 Water Studies and Research Complex in Toshka

The research complex in Toshka located in south of Egypt, and covers an area of 125 acres, of which about 115 acres for the experimental farm to irrigate through five modern irrigation systems (sprinkler, surface bubbler, subsurface drip, leakage and pivot) as shown in figure 4. This special research unit had been established to provide technical solutions to problems raised during the development process in new reclaimed areas with special circumstances. Furthermore, to propose indicators for measuring performance progress of irrigation, drainage and ecology


 Water Think Tank Unit

Improvement of water and Environmental Management of Lake Burulus more...  

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