Winners Announcement of the Wafaa El-Nil Competition

On the occasion of celebrating Wafaa El-Nil (Flooding of the Nile) competition that was held by the National Water Research Center (NWRC) Head Office, the NWRC’s President has the pleasure to announce the results of the competition. The competition was held in recognition of the remarkable researchers with different scientific degrees in all research categories (Professor – Associate Professor - Researcher - Assistant Researcher - Research Assistant). The NWRC’s head office has received many nominations from the NWRC’s Main Office, as well as the affiliate Research Institutes and Units, where the applicant nominations have been evaluated by an evaluation committee according to their ranking on ResearchGate and Google Scholar (using h-index and i10-index). The attached nominees’ list has been selected from each research category where the NWRC’s President will award them a certificate of appreciation and a symbolic reward to motivate the researchers to continue to progress. Sincere wishes for the best to all researchers in the upcoming competitions.