Visit of Minister of Water of Palestine

Alongside the Arab Ministerial Water Council 11th Round, H.E. Eng. Mazen Ghoneim, Minister of Water of the Palestinian Water Authority visited the National Water Research Center and the accompanying delegation on Wednesday, June 26, 2019. Prof. Khaled Abdel Hay, President of NWRC, welcomed the Minister where he briefed him on the most important activities carried out by NWRC through a documentary film on the affiliate institutes and units. The tour covered the central laboratories, accompanied Mr. Minister guest in a tour of the central laboratories, where there was a brief on the different plants units and the most important devices used in the laboratories for analyses of water, soil and plants. The Minister also visit to the Climate Change Research Institute, where a he was given a summary on the most important research abilities used in the study of climate change held by the Institute within the Climate laboratory as well as the field measurement systems available at the Institute. Eng. Ghoneim then visited the Hydraulics Research Institute, where he viewed the model of the new Assiut Aqueduct, which was designed to optimize the control of water resources, the provision of clean electricity and the development of river navigation.