Training Course on "Groundwater Management and Artificial Recharge"

Under the auspices of H.E. Dr. Mohammed Abdul Ati, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation of Egypt, and with the support of the National Water Research Center, the Research Institute for Groundwater has carried out a training course in the field of "Groundwater Management and Artificial Recharge" in partnership with the Regional Training Sector of the Ministry. The training course comes in the light of the protocol signed between the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), and is scheduled to take place during the period November 17 to December 12 for 20 trainees from Arab countries (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Jordan, Sudan). The course program varies from theoretical lectures to applied study situations through field training for geophysical measurements, water quality measurement on field and in laboratories, in addition to application of study cases using mathematical models and specialized programs. The training is attended by professors and researchers from the Research Institute for Groundwater with the help of some experts from the groundwater sector and other institutes of the National Water Research Center (Water Resources Research Institute, Mechanical and Electrical Research Center, Central Laboratory for Environmental Monitoring and Water Management Research Institute).