Research Institute for Groundwater (RIGW) of the NWRC rehabilitates Al-Bustan Recharge Research Station in Beheira Governorate

The Research Institute for Groundwater (RIGW), under the leadership of the National Water Research Center (NWRC), takes over the development and management of groundwater resources overall in Egypt. In this regard, RIGW continued the studies and researches for the artificial recharge stations at a wide range, namely Abu Simbel Recharge Station, Burj Al Arab Recharge Station, and Al-Bustan Recharge Station. Operation of Al-Bustan Experimental Recharge Station and its affiliate facilities (electricity network, lighting, surveillance camera system, rehabilitation of management building and production well) have started. The station is now equipped to conduct recharge experiments and research in the event of water surplus in Al-Bustan channel. In addition to raising the efficiency of research and scientific authorities through participation in experiments, analysis of data and scientific research studies in the field of artificial recharging applications to achieve the best management of groundwater aquifers. Further maintenance activities are currently being implemented to complete the research experiments in other stations in accordance with the research plan.