Training Program on "Geophysical Methods for Exploration of Groundwater "

As part of the research activities and specialized training programs carried out by the Institute for Groundwater Research under the umbrella of the National Water Research Center, the Institute, in cooperation with the Regional Training sector of the Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation, has prepared and implemented the training program for a group of geological professionals from The State of Yemen at the headquarters of the Regional Training and Water Studies Center in 6 October city. The program entitled "Geophysical Methods for Exploration of Groundwater from October 20 to November 14, 2019, is prepared under the auspices of the Japanese Agency (JICA). The training program aims to transfer the unique expertise of the Institute of Groundwater Research in the field of geology and geophysics, to highly skilled water experts and geologists from groundwater geophysics in the Ministry of Water and Environment of the Republic of Yemen in the fields of Water management, especially the use of geophysical methods in groundwater exploration and well registration. The program includes theoretical lectures, field visits, applications and training on the use of specialized equipment in the research and exploration field of rocks, aquifers and groundwater.