Sustainable Agricultural Drainage in the Nile Delta of Egypt (STDF):

Created at:2017-10-04

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A joint project between the drainage research program at North Carolina State University (NCSU), the Drainage Research Institute (DRI) of Egypt's National Water Research Center (NWRC), and the Egyptian Public Authority for Drainage Projects (EPADP) to develop and evaluate a new drainage design criteria that explicitly link the design of drainage systems to crop yields and profits, water quality, and water conservation. Specific objectives include: 1. Evaluate the performance of existing drainage systems at nine locations across the Nile Delta. 2. Calibrate and validate the hydrologic, carbon and nitrogen, salinity, and crop growth components of DRAINMOD using the data sets collected from the regional sites and two experimental sites. 3. Develop and Evaluate new drainage design criteria using extensive water quantity, water quality and crop yield data collected from two artificially drained agricultural fields. 4. Develop a framework, utilizing the drainage water management model DRAINMOD, for the design of drainage systems to meet the newly developed drainage design criteria. 5. Conducting training on using the DRAINMOD model for the design and evaluation of the drainage systems.

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