Bio data of Prof.Alaa El-Din Abdin

Position:Vice President of NWRC

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Prof. Alaa El-Din Abdin is a highly accomplished and respected expert in the field of water resources management. He is currently serving as a Professor of Water Resources Management and Acting Vice President at the National Water Research Center of Egypt. With over 30 years of experience in water resources research and management, Prof. Abdin has made invaluable contributions to the field. He received his Ph.D. and M.Sc. from Utah State University and has been a pioneer in the field of groundwater, hydraulics, and water resources management and planning. Throughout his illustrious career, Prof. Abdin has managed and participated in numerous international cooperation research projects with various institutions, including the EU, USAID, CIDA, DAAD, Italian Cooperation, and GIZ. Prof. Abdin's expertise covers a wide spectrum of areas, ranging from water resources management utilizing various numerical techniques and Artificial Intelligence to Strategic Planning, Environmental Management, Food Security, Gender Issues, Water Conflict Management, Water Socio-Economic Aspects, DSS development, and Integrated Water Resources Management. He has published over 70 research papers in prestigious international journals and conferences, and his expertise is highly sought after by various local and international organizations. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Prof. Abdin continues to play a crucial role in addressing the challenges of water scarcity and management not only in Egypt but also in other parts of the world.

Areas of expertise:

* water resources management
* groundwater
* hydraulics