Prof. Mohammed Bahaa Eldin Ahmed:

Birth and Origin: -
• Date of birth: 1947/7/26.
• Place of Birth: Qalioubia Governorate.
• Graduated from Ain Shams University, Department of Civil Engineering in 1970.
• Master of the University of Southampton - England - Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences in 1980.
• Ph.D., University of Southampton, England, Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 1986.
The most important positions held by: -
• Researcher Engineer - General Directorate of Water Studies, 1971-1975.
• Research Engineer, Hydraulics Research Institute, National Water Research Center, 1975-1981.
• Irrigation Projects Engineer - Germany, 1981-1982.
• Construction Engineer - Yemen from 1982 to 1983.
• Research Engineer, Hydraulics Research Institute, National Water Research Center, 1983-1986.
• Assistant Professor, Hydraulics Research Institute, National Water Research Center, 1986-1991.
• Deputy Director of Hydraulics Research Institute, National Water Research Center, 1991-1992.
• Secretary General of the National Water Research Center (NWRC) from 1992-1994.
• Director of the Hydraulics Research Institute, 1995-2001.
• Head of Planning Sector from 2001-2002.
• The sector is responsible for developing short-term plans for the development of water resources and their various uses and the preparation of mathematical models for the management of resources and water uses. The sector also sets priorities for the projects and programs to be implemented during the Ministry's plans in the field of water resources development.
• Head of Reservoirs and Grand Barracks Sector from 2002-2004.
• It is the sector responsible for the construction and maintenance of the major gantries and locks. During the presidency of the sovereignty of the sector, the construction of the new Nagaa Hammadi bridge and its hydropower station on the Nile River and the number of (2) navigational hooks of the first degree.
• Undersecretary of the Ministry and Head of the Irrigation Department in the period 2004-2007.
• He assumed the post of Undersecretary of the Ministry five months after assuming the position of Head of the Irrigation Department, which means adding the responsibility of setting the general policy of the Ministry and follow up the executive plans and the necessary coordination between the ministry's various departments to achieve technical and institutional integration and thus achieve the objectives and policies of the ministry.
• Coordinator of the national plan project and a full professor at the National Center for Water Research.
• Worked as the general coordinator of the draft national plan for water resources in its second phase of the implementation of the practical thinking and methodology of integrated water resources management in three governorates at the level of the Republic in the period 2007-2012.
• Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation from August 2012 to July 2013.